Learn ways to control hypertension

I often encourage people to get their blood pressure checked, along with receiving an annual physical exam.

During your annual physical exam, a health care provider will check your blood pressure. If your blood pressure is elevated, your doctor will determine if you need medication and/or other treatment options.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is known as the silent killer. Everyday in our country, someone is admitted to the hospital due to elevated blood pressure levels.

So don’t wait another day, get serious about your health! Hypertension is a disease state that must be taken seriously.

If you are living with hypertension, here are ways to help lower your blood pressure levels: follow your doctor’s orders, follow the DASH Diet, avoid shaking salt on food, consume low sodium meals and snacks, take blood pressure medication as prescribed, exercise regularly, remain within your Body Mass Index (BMI) range, season food with herbs, avoid eating processed foods, avoid drinking high sodium beverages.

It is not too late, learn ways to control hypertension. Please understand, hypertension can become serious and fatal if left untreated.

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