A vegan lifestyle: NBA Champion John Salley discusses eating vegan and how he gets protein

I think it is safe to say, if you have not heard the term vegan you must be livin’ under a rock. So many people have changed their lifestyle, they are now vegetarian or vegan.

A vegan is someone who eats plant-based foods and does not consume any animal products, that means eliminating eggs and dairy which includes milk, cheese, etc.

Since vegans eliminate so many foods from their diet, some people are wondering do vegans eat enough protein?

According to NBA Champion John Salley, “So when you ask me, where do you get the protein? I ask you where do you get your fiber and if you don’t know where you get your fiber, then you should worry about that.” Watch the entire video.

Learn more about John Salley’s vegan lifestyle go to johnsalley.com

Most vegans believe following a vegan lifestyle was one of the best decisions they ever made! Not only do vegans avoid eating animal products, some vegans believe animals should not be harmed or killed for any reason. That is why some vegans work closely with PETA to protect and save animals.

Enjoy consuming healthy vegan dishes. Find healthy vegan recipes online or inside vegan cookbooks. Also discuss your vegan lifestyle with a doctor or dietitian so you can receive the daily recommended amounts of protein, fiber, vitamins and nutrients.

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