Donate to the LivinHealthyNow (LHN) Fund: Support LivinHealthyNow and help residents over 60 buy medication and food

The LivinHealthyNow Fund will support LivinHealthyNow and help inner city residents over 60 buy medication, medical equipment and food. Selected cities for 2020: Detroit, Michigan plus Flint, Michigan and Tarboro, North Carolina

During the past four years, LivinHealthyNow donated to individuals and several organizations.

Donate to the  LivinHealthyNow Fund any dollar ($) amount, at any time. Donation Options (below):

(1) Donate to the LivinHealthyNow Fund
(2) Mail Check or Money Order to: LivinHealthyNow  P.O. Box 721252 Berkley, MI 48072. Make Check or Money Order payable to LivinHealthyNow.

Sadly, Flint residents are still dealing with the Water Crisis, while Tarboro residents continue rebuilding their homes after Hurricane Matthew flooded the area in October 2016.

It is important to check on elderly family members, friends and neighbors. Be sure they have the following: food, water, medication and heat or cool air in their home.

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Donate to the LivinHealthyNow Fund