Christmas 2022: Pastor Michael Gatewood shares his life story plus provides an uplifting Christmas prayer

I love sharing positive uplifting stories.

So after following and watching my classmate Pastor Michael Gatewood on social media, I had to share his uplifting life story.

He prays and uplifts individuals, families and communities in his local Denver, Colorado community plus other communities throughout the world. He gives back to our beloved hometown of Flint, Michigan by pouring his heart and soul back into the community by ministering and uplifting others with his encouraging words during challenging times.

I truly believe God gives second and third chances.

I’m proud of him and I tell him to continue doing God’s work!

Pastor Michael Gatewood shares what God can do in your life if you have faith and believe.

According to Pastor Michael Gatewood, “it’s so exciting how God can change the life and the direction of a man’s destiny. In the beginning of my life I made a series of bad decisions, but I thank God that He doesn’t count those things against us. I was on drugs for many years and thought my life had no meaning. I was hopeless, but God heard my prayer.

From a man coming from Flint, Michigan, God has open doors and taken me to places that I could never have imagined; sitting in the room with Bishop TD Jakes, Bishop Paul S Morton and Bishop Dennis Leonard. It blows my mind that we have such a loving and caring God. This being said, there are a few things that I would like people to know about my life and God.”

  • Never give up, because God will never give up on you.
  • Trust the process of life and give yourself room for mistakes.
  • Never allow anyone to judge your future by your past.
  • Love those who surround you and love those even more that come against you.
  • In your darkest moments fall to your knees and pray.
  • Forgive yourself and others.
  • When you fall get back up dust yourself off and keep going.
  • They will not remember you for the foolishness when you where young, they will speak of you well in your later days.
  • Life is to short to hold a grudge.
  • Protect your heart from those whose only mission is to steal your Peace.

~Pastor Mike Gatewood 

I’m honored to know him.

This holiday enjoy Pastor Michael Gatewood’s uplifting Christmas prayer.

God, our creator we offer up this humble prayer and celebration of Christmas. We come to worship with songs and Thanks in our hearts. A song of redemption, a song of hope and renewal we pray for joy in our hearts, hope in our God, love to forgive, and peace upon the earth we ask for the salvation of our family, members and friends, and we pray your blessings on all people. May there be bread for the hungry, love for the unlovable, healing for the sick, protection for our children, and wisdom for our youth. We pray for the forgiveness of sinners and an abundant life in Christ. Holy Spirit fill our hearts with your love and power. As we celebrate Christmas, never let us forget that they brought gifts to Jesus when he was just a baby, recognizing and honoring that he is the lamb of God. King of all kings, lord of all lords, his name is above every name in which the heavens adore him.

Check out Michael Gatewood and Flint Prayer Outreach #PrayForFlint on Facebook (Meta). Enjoy his uplifting daily prayers and encouraging words.

I often read his daily prayers.

Not only did Pastor Michael Gatewood change his life, he also changed his lifestyle.

He lost 65 pounds which improved his blood glucose and blood pressure levels.

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