February is Heart Month: This month is a great time to schedule your annual physical exam

This month is a great time to:

  • Get your heart checked
  • Get your cholesterol checked and know your cholesterol levels
  • Get your blood pressure checked and know your blood pressure reading
  • Learn the benefits of exercise and healthy eating
  • Learn which foods are good for heart health
  • Contact your doctor and schedule your annual physical exam

I had my annual physical exam two weeks ago and I believe it’s important to stay connected with your doctor during this pandemic.

I know some people are scared and concerned about going into the doctor’s office during this pandemic and I truly understand, however I feel we must know what’s going on with our health. Learn how COVID-19 can affect your heart ‘Watch an informative video

If you have any concerns regarding going into your doctor’s office, please discuss your COVID-19 concerns with your doctor. By the way, some doctor’s will schedule virtual appointments online.

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