Eating Healthy During COVID-19: Try Without Meat Wednesday, enjoy eating plant-based foods

Eat healthy during COVID-19 Try Without Meat Wednesday also learn about a vegetarian and flexitarian lifestyle. A flexitarian is a semi-vegetarian.

I am a flexitarian who consumes meat 25-50% of the time. When I consume meat it is usually fish, salmon, chicken or turkey. I eat green vegetables daily plus other plant-based foods.

I am also allergic to shellfish, so I avoid eating shrimp, crab, lobster, etc. enjoy reading Live healthy with a Food Allergy

Becoming a flexitarian along with regular exercise improved my overall health.

During this crisis, it is important to take care of your entire body which includes your physical and mental health.

According to Danielle Lambert the Behavioral Health Manager at Englewood Health, “make sure you are taking care of yourselves by eating healthy, getting some exercise.” Watch the entire Englewood Health video (below) Avoiding Anxiety During the COVID-19 Outbreak

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