Bike riding can improve your heart health

Bike riding can improve your heart health.

According to Deepak Panduranga, an Aerospace Engineer & Cyclist, “There’s a lot of benefits, cardiovascular, strengthening, muscle toning and it’s a very good destresser as well.” Watch the entire video.

Enjoy bike riding outdoors in your neighborhood or indoors on a stationary bike. Daily exercise is very important. People who exercise daily, tend to be healthier than people who have a sedentary lifestyle.

If you are not motivated to exercise on your own, contact a personal trainer in your area. Before starting an exercise regimen, it is important to receive a physical exam from your doctor.

If you’re interested in cycling, consult with a bike expert before purchasing a bicycle. The bike expert will help you purchase the right bicycle according to your height and sex. If you are serious about bike riding, join a bike club in your city. Also, don’t forget to wear a helmet while cycling.

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