Try Eating Mashed Cauliflower

Yesterday, I bought mashed cauliflower from a specialty market. When I arrived home, I realized I did not ask to sample the mashed cauliflower. Thankfully, it was smooth and delicious. The consistency is similar to homemade mashed potatoes, and the seasonings and herbs were just right.  I know it is a vegetable kids will enjoy!

I have ordered mashed cauliflower from a restaurant 2-3 times, but I must admit, this was truly the best!

I usually steam or stir-fry my cauliflower, but I now prefer eating mashed cauliflower. Find healthy mashed cauliflower recipes online or inside cookbooks.

When you prepare homemade mashed cauliflower, add fresh or dried herbs and seasonings. Research shows fresh herbs often contain higher antioxidant levels compared to dried herbs.

Enjoy eating fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Healthy eating along with daily exercise can reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, hypertension and type 2 diabetes.

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